Showcase Your VR Video
at the Richest Quality

Rich360 provides an innovative & powerful tool to enhance VR video streaming quality. With an advanced Content-Optimized Encoding technology, it is possible to maintain the original quality of important areas suitable for storage and real-time transmission in any case.

Traditional Encoding

2K 360 Video (5.8Mbps, H.264)

Rich360 Encoding

Why Rich360?

Maximum Bandwidth & Storage Utilization

The most efficient way to compress and deliver VR video with Content-Optimized Encoding

Content Quality Monitor & Control

Easy to monitor content quality and manage video optimization through web-cloud

Easy To Integrate

Compatible to existing web streaming pipelines such as servers and players

Unlimited Devices & Browsers Support

Support Android, iOS, Unity3D and different types of development environment and different devices

Applicable To Any VR Video Services

Applicable to different kinds of services such as 360/180/3D VOD Streaming, LIVE Streaming and Local Video Playback



Deliver the ultimate video experience with content-optimized video rendering technology that does not waste any pixels.


The all-in-one solution for
streaming LIVE events with vivid quality

Background Technology

Content-optimized Encoding

Rich360 preserves the original quality of 360 videos (4K/8K) as much as possible even in the streamable resolution (1K/2K) by assigning more pixels to the important areas. These are automatically estimated by saliency detection algorithm or set manually using our simple editing tool.

High-Quality VR Streaming

Rich360 enables optimized encoded videos to be streamed at a higher quality within the same resolution and bandwidth using a specially designed transmission and playback technology. We take advantage of the latest web technologies such as HTML5, WebGL, WebVR and Adaptive Bitrate Streaming to enable the best possible content viewing experience across all browsers and devices.

Business Partners

Video Content Distributers

LIVE Streaming Platforms

VR Video Productions

VR Game Developers / Publishers

Event / Entertainment Organizers