LIVE Streaming Cloud

The all-in-one solution for streaming LIVE events with vivid quality

Rich360 LIVE Streaming Cloud provides Real-time Content-Optimized Encoding that maximizes bandwidth efficiency. It also provides an interactive LIVE Monitoring tool with various functions in order to deliver the highest quality VR videos in existing live streaming pipelines. Rich360 LIVE Streaming Cloud is the ultimate solution for your live streaming business. Give your event a top quality immersive experience for viewers all over the world.

Core Functions

Rich360 LIVE Encoding Server

The worldwide average internet speed (7.2Mbps as of Q1 of 2017) is not enough to make 4K live Streaming successful. Rich360 LIVE Encoding Server takes all RTMP-compatible capture devices and software streams through the cloud and generates live HLS streams (up to 4K) with Real-time Content-Optimized Encoding technology. This allows you to maximize the quality of main scene of live events. For example, in a Full HD stream, a stage in a sports arena or a venue can have 4K quality.

Rich360 LIVE Monitoring Server

The ability to monitor and analyze video streams in real-time provides a way to extract business value from live sites. With the Rich360 LIVE Monitoring Server, users can inspect and analyze data to improve performance or respond quickly if the real-time situation is not performing to expectations. This includes tools to address issues supporting real-time decision making based on viewer's feedbacks and real-time situations of events. Streaming quality or performance degradation can be quickly and easily resolved by setting the priority of scene quality at the VR live streaming site intuitively.

Rich360 Playback

Rich360 Player can deliver your 360 / 180 / 3D VR video enhanced with Content-Optimized Encoding to the user in most web browser, mobile, or HMD. It supports WebVR, Adaptive Bitrate Streaming, local video playback, and provides a Web / Mobile Native / Unity Player SDK that can be integrated into your own player or app.

Rich360 Analytics

The user's viewing experience can be different from the intention of the content creator, and sometimes it is difficult to deliver the best quality. Rich360 Analytics provides tools for analyzing and monitoring your audience's response to your content. Viewers' viewpoint, view history, bounce rate, and behavior graph are analyzed with big data processing and results are provided through the optimal UI such as 360 Heatmap. With Rich360 Analytics, content creators can reinforce important areas and adjust configuration of encoding and player in real-time to deliver improved quality results.

Key Features

Content Optimization for Streamable Resolutions

Easy Integration with any RTMP-compatible broadcasting pipeline

Powerful LIVE Monitoring Tool

No Additional latency

Web Embeddable Player

WebVR Supported

Up to 4K Streaming

Embedding Ads Supported

How To Use It

Step 1. Creating channel


Fill the form with camera and live schedule information correctly
*CAUTION Once you submit the form, You cannot change it


Use Cases

VR Live Streaming Service

VR Live Showcase in stage performance

Drone FPV Transmission & Monitoring

Real-times Surveillance /
Monitoring / Observation

VR Live Streaming APP

Consulting Services

We help develop new high quality 360 video service ideas

360 Video & Idea

Develop & Consulting


We have been developing apps and web video streaming solutions for various business segments. Rich360 team helps 360 video service idea commercialization consulting and web & App development for people who possess high quality 360 and are planning a high quality 360 video service.